Our Journey: A Timeline

This timeline details our family building journey, including my infertile timeline - a struggle I both loathe (as it is really hard, emotionally and physically) and am intensely grateful for (as it has opened my eyes to new, amazingly blessed roads). Sorry in advance for the intense amount of information about my innards. It is what it is. 

Also, it is really long.

Also, let me also say that I know my infertility struggle is mild compared to many – I know that I am a wuss. I got a nasty strongly worded e-mail a while back from a stranger saying that if only I knew how much harder her struggle was I would feel like a heel even mentioning mine. To this I say simply: Judge if you must, but remember that God gives us only what we can handle, and clearly this is what I can handle. If God feels you can handle more, you must be a stronger person than I. Please comfort yourself with smugness found in that reality, I don’t mind at all. :)

Okay so that all said, you now know that basically I feel really self conscious about posting this at all for some reason. (Hence the apologies and over explaining… that’s what I do when I’m self conscious.) BUT I am posting it despite my awkwardness, because reading about the journeys of others in timeline format really helped me as we embarked on this path. It was inspiring to know that other people did this, grew their families through this, overcame obstacles, learned to put themselves last, conquered the fear and the instability & the paperwork. Other people realized their plan might not have worked out, but that God’s plan was even better. 

So here it is, in the hopes of informing stumblers-upon about the process, of inspiring those on the fence to take the plunge into helping these kids, and of keeping myself organized. ;)

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