Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Being thankful.

I haven't been doing a thankfulness challenge per se this November, but it doesn't mean I'm not thankful. I am so thankful for these beautiful little humans who call me mom and the rocky road that led to them. I'm thankful for the newborn photo of my sweet boys found on Facebook just last night - the only photo we have of those earliest days of theirs. For the little house Jess and I bought when I was just 22, not having a clue what these past eight years inside it would look like. For National Adoption Month and the sweetness that brings. For the ability and the resources to stay home with my kids while they are young - something that college-me might have scoffed at, but that mama-me knows is best for my particular babies at this particular time. I am thankful for a dozen years of life with a partner who works so, so hard to make all of this possible. For being 30 this week and living in a time where that is young. For two sets of parents and siblings who are so willing to help. For my ugly hands and the things they can make. For the hope that faith provides, for the rain, and for my favorite mug full of peppermint tea. I am thankful for the two little girls who have put themselves down for naps the last two days without any fuss. Such a good, good life. I couldn't ask for anything more, even though I constantly do. Happy November, everyone.

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