Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hello friends!  Some of you might remember my little family from my old blog.  I had to take that little space down, but am thrilled to start a new adventure documenting our life as an adoptive family.  I am also so happy to be writing for adoption.com, which is the resource that helped me the most as I was venturing into the world of foster care and adoption.

You can read a little more about our little family here, and you can find our timeline here.

I am so excited to get this going!  For now, I'm getting back to vacation with my littles.  Jess had to stay home and work, so maybe I drove two days with four kids, and maybe it was actually pretty fun.  My little wild things sure are really neat people.  :)


  1. I can't wait to see you and meet your neat little wild things!! <3

  2. Jess. Thank you. I'm not on FB so I couldn't post this on the page I found you on. I needed to post this for you to see, to face it, to thank you.My family circumstances convinced me that I didn't want children- I did not think I could endure witnessing their probable hurt. Later in life and so far too late I realised how much I would love to give to my own child all I had given to the many children in my family. I was not prepared for Mother's day when I was meant to celebrate happily the position I'd come to covet. It seems my time is up, that I have not been chosen. Today is better than every other day when I allow myself to feel anything about being childless. I am forever braced for the questions I'm asked at least once a week. When?... Are you yet?... Why don't you... Some just don't realise the pain of such a "normal" query. But your words spoke gently to my weariness and I felt a little celebrated. To all who read this and are kindred- Happy Mother's Day anyway.. Thanks again Jessica