Thursday, June 4, 2015

What Led Me to You | Book Review on

So a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be sent a copy of What Led Me to You, a book on foster parenting and adoption (and special needs parenting, and faith, and overcoming obstacles, and transracial families...) by Carrie Dahlin. Carrie wrote a beautiful and honest account of their journey, and if your life is in any way impacted by adoption, you'll want to grab a copy. Here's a peek:

"Having children with special needs who came to us through foster care and adoption, I found myself nodding in agreement at so many moments in the book, particularly this realization: 'It took having kids that didn’t fit the typical mold to realize that I didn’t want that coveted box for them. Instead I wanted to teach them that they were so much more than that.' It’s such a pivotal moment to realize that what you want for your kids isn’t always what you had originally thought, or even what you wanted for yourself in life. It isn’t a 'certain kind of smart,' it’s a contentment that comes with dissolving that notion, and Dahlin describes it perfectly."

Read the rest on today, and if you would, leave some love for Carrie!

You can connect with her and follow their journey from here on her blog or facebook page. :)

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